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Professor Catherine Lu: ‘Justice and Reconciliation in International Relations’

The Centre for Global Constitutionalism and the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies are hosting a talk by Professor Catherine Lu of McGill University on Monday, 18 April, 5:00pm in the Arts Lecture Theatre.

Professor Lu will be speaking on the topic – ‘Justice and Reconciliation in International Relations’.  All are welcome.

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Lecture by Professor Antje Wiener from Hamburg University – Mon 4 April

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The Centre for Global Constitutionalism will be hosting a talk by Professor Antje Wiener of the University of Hamburg, a leading constructivist IR theorist, on Monday, 4 April at 5PM in the Arts Building Lecture Theatre.

The topic will be “Contested Norms in International Encounters: The ‘Turbot War’ as Prelude to Fairer Global Fisheries Governance”.

Upcoming CGC Events

‘Protest and Politicization. Critical Theory in Times of Resistance’ Professor Christian Volk, University of Trier, Germany. Tuesday, 8 March, 5 pm-7pm, Arts Building, Seminar Room 2

‘Normalcy and Normativity: Constitutive and Contestatory Practices in Global Governance’ Professor Antje Weiner, University of Hamburg, Germany. Monday, 4 April, 5pm Arts Lecture Theatre

‘Justice and Reconciliation in International Relations’ Professor Catherine Lu, McGill University, Canada. Monday, 18 April, 5pm Arts Lecture Theatre. Cosponsored with the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Constitutional Implications of the Independence Referendum

IMG_1033Sir David Edward – Public Lecture – Thursday 25th September 2014

Constitutional Implications of the Independence Referendum

The Centre for Global Constitutionalism was pleased to host a public lecture by Sir David Edward, a former UK judge of the European Court of Justice. Sir David addressed the constitutional implications of the independence referendum, the issues that the debate over the last two years raised and what the result might mean for the UK constitution and the constitution of Scotland.


The full lecture and Q&A is available to watch below:

The Past and Future of the International Red Cross


Professor David Forsythe, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at the University of Nebraska will give a public lecture on the subject of The Past and Future of the International Committee of the Red Cross on Thursday 2 October at 5pm in School III. All are welcome.

James Wilson and Constitutionalism

James Wilson and Constitutionalism

The Centre has an ongoing interest in the political and legal theory of James Wilson, the St Andrews graduate, American founder, and key drafter of the American constitution. On 30 March 2012, Director Anthony F Lang, Jr presented a talk St Andrews alumni in San Francisco on the importance of Wilson’s thought both in its context and today. In 2014, Dr Lang will be speaking at a conference on Wilson’s thought to be held at the University of Pennsylvania.

James Wilson presentation: Constitutional Theory for the Modern World(PDF, 1,528 KB)

The Global Rule of Law

The Global Rule of Law

The project began with a workshop on The Global Rule of Law held on 22-23 June 2011 at the University of St Andrews. The workshop was launched with a 600th lecture series: Justice Richard Goldstone. This was followed the next day with presentations by key figures in the field of law and political theory: Professor Richard Bellamy, University College London; Professor Susan Marks, London School of Economics and Political Science; Professor Neil Walker, Edinburgh University; and Professor Jeremy Waldron, Oxford University/New York University. The speakers explored the contested nature of the rule of law at the global level and sought to develop an account of how it might function more effectively.

A Global Rule of Law? (PDF, 149 KB)