Ronan McLaughlin

My name is Ronan McLaughlin, I originally come from Glasgow, and I am currently in my final year of a five-year Joint Honours degree program studying French and International Relations (with integrated year abroad). Within IR I am interested in the field of peace and conflict, having taken modules in these areas in the past year, and specifically, in the role of international and regional institutions in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Through my studies in French I have also developed a focus on the politics of the far-right, through a recent summer internship I had the opportunity to conduct a personal research project on the place of secularism in the ideology of the French far-right party the Front National, and my on-going final year dissertation is looking at youth mobilisation in this area of political activism. Through this internship I really hope to gain a greater understanding of contemporary research in the field of global constitutionalism, and how this research is communicated and shared. Additionally, I look forward to working on my research project, and to taking advantage of the insights and advice of the Centre on the particularly pertinent issue of non-state actors in global governance.