The Centre for Global Constitutionalism is dedicated to exploring the development of global order in its many manifestations. The Centre organises academic events on topics related to its core pillars of international law, institutions, and constitutionalism. We aim to promote broad thinking and cutting-edge scholarship through our regular talks and workshops, working paper series, and student internships.

CGC logo 600dpiFrom its inception to present, the Centre has focused on the concept and application of constitutionalism at the national, regional, and global levels. The Centre grew out of previously existing programmes at the University of St Andrews – notably the ‘Rethinking the Rules’ project and the Wilson Programme in Constitutional Studies In this capacity, the Centre has served as a site for interdisciplinary work focused on the diverse ways in which constitutionalism shapes the global political order.

Building on this established expertise, we have expanded our scope to encompass additional themes in the study and practice of global governance. The Centre adopts an explicitly pluralistic approach drawing on insights from politics, law, economics, history, philosophy, ethics, and beyond.